Pets are allowed in the hotel Noorus SPA Inn

Additional fee for the accommodation of one pet is 25 EUR per day.

The Noorus SPA Hotel reserves the right to terminate the agreement with visitors that are staying in the hotel with a pet:
• if they violate accommodation rules,
• in the event of aggressive, inadequate or noisy behaviour of a pet.

By pets we mean cats and dogs (up to 5 kg). The hotel reserves the right to determine whether it is possible to stay in the hotel with a pet. Accommodation with pets is only possible in Standard rooms on request upon prior agreement with the hotel. The number of rooms is limited. Accommodation with pets is allowed only when accompanied with veterinary documents with a note indicating that all of the vaccinations have been done.

Accommodation with pets if only possible if a pet owner has:
1. A pet cell or carrier
2. A special sleeping mat or sleeping rug
3. A special container or cat/dog litter box
4. Special cat/dog bowls and dishes
5. A hotel visitor must make sure that a pet is not in the room while the room is being cleaned or repaired.
Restrictions applied by hotel administration to accommodation with pets
1. It is forbidden to take pets into a restaurant, a water park, a hotel playground, and other public spaces.
2. It is strictly forbidden to walk the pets on the territory of a playground or lawns.
3. It is forbidden to wash pets in room shower cabins and use towels, bed sheets, and other bedding items that belong to the hotel while washing or drying a pet.
4. It is forbidden to brush pets in hotel rooms or on the hotel territory.
5. It is strictly forbidden to feed pets from the dishes that belong to the hotel.
6. If a pet owner doesn´t have a special cage for a pet, it is forbidden to leave pets unattended in hotel rooms, public spaces, and on the territory of the hotel.